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Smalline and Harri Case Results

Examples of our past successes in personal injury, including medical malpractice:


Settlement of a clergy sexual abuse lawsuit against the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany


Settlement against the State of New York for wrongful discharge of a psychiatric patient resulting in his death by suicide


Settlement of a clergy sexual abuse matter against the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany


Settlement of a fall on grease at the delivery door of a fast food restaurant by a food distributor employee


Settlement against a construction company and building owner from a fall from collapsed scaffolding resulting in an ankle injury


Recovery for negligent vaginal reconstruction


Settlement for a slip and fall on ice resulting in a shoulder injury


Settlement in a motor vehicle accident resulting in permanent back injury


Settlement for a claim against a private social service agency for assault by a resident

These results represent a small sample of the thousands of cases we have brought to a satisfactory conclusion since the inception of our firm in 1994. We look forward to customizing a legal strategy for your personal injury or medical malpractice claim that will maximize the results you deserve for your loss.