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Pursue Accountability And Recovery After A Construction Injury

Construction sites are among the most hazardous workplaces in the United States. The close proximity of humans to large equipment is one risk factor of construction as an occupation. Building and road construction workers also handle dangerous power tools and work around toxic substances. If you have been injured on the job or as a visitor at a construction site, get reliable legal advice as well as prompt medical attention.

At Smalline and Harri, our boutique-style law firm has been a resource for people injured in the construction field in and around Albany since 1994. We bring deep knowledge and extensive experience to the table. Our attorneys truly care about the well-being of our clients who have suffered serious or catastrophic injuries in construction settings.

Paths To Recovery After A Construction Injury

The legal aspects of your case may depend on your role at a construction site at the time of an accidental injury, such as the following:

  • A fall into a pit or from a high platform, ladder, scaffolding or climbing rig
  • A blow to your head or any part of your body caused by the dangling of heavy materials from a crane
  • A slip-and-fall injury caused by uncleared debris in a workspace
  • An explosion and fire or an electrical accident resulting in burns
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals or other hazardous substances
  • A transportation-related accident, such as being struck by a forklift or delivery truck
  • An injury caused by unloading cargo from a flat-bed truck or any delivery vehicle or device

No matter how you were injured, you deserve the best available medical care. You also deserve to understand your legal rights. You likely qualify for workers’ compensation. At Smalline and Harri, we refer clients to workers’ comp attorneys as needed. At the same time, we conduct investigations to discover whether a third party was responsible for an accident. A subcontractor, property owner or company that is not your employer may be a liable third party in your construction accident case.

We prepare every third-party liability claim as if for trial. If necessary, we will argue before a judge in support of the compensation you deserve. However, our track record in negotiations and mediation is impressive. We assure you that we will pursue legal remedies that are likely to get you favorable results.

Our Lawyers Offer Comprehensive Counsel To People Injured In Construction Accidents

Get reliable legal advice after a construction accident has left you injured, with a long road to recovery ahead, or taken the life of your loved one. We are available to walk that journey with you by pursuing the compensation that you need.

To schedule a consultation with a lawyer after a construction accident, call 518-704-4604 or complete our online contact form for a prompt response.