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Albany’s Boutique Litigation Firm

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People who gravitate to Smalline and Harri tend to value personalized, low-pressure attorney-client relationships and no-nonsense legal remedies. A personal injury, a bad medical outcome due to malpractice or the lifelong pain of sexual abuse can seem overwhelming – and legal processes should not add to the pain. Rather, effective advocacy should take burdens from someone who is courageously facing and overcoming a great challenge.

We are two litigators who are dedicated to working closely with our clients in pursuit of the relief and compensation they deserve after an injury. Learn about our respective backgrounds by following these links:

Solid preparation and clear communication are foundational aspects of our law practice. Our clients often need to decide whether to accept settlements or proceed to trial. We make sure they are ready to make well-reasoned choices.

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Personal Injury And Other Practice Areas

In all our areas of law practice, we advocate for people who have been wronged through others’ negligence or intentional harm. Our clients’ cases include the following:

We represent the injured with caring as well as skill. We never forget the ultimate purpose of our work: to alleviate harms coming about through injustice. Ultimately, we apply our knowledge to make a difference for those who have been injured or lost loved ones.

Please Don’t Hesitate To Contact Us

With the shock and hardship that accompanies an accidental injury, many people think of legal action as an afterthought. However, a timely legal analysis is highly recommended, along with a prompt medical evaluation.

Let us explain how we can start your personal injury, medical malpractice or wrongful death case without delay. We represent most clients on a contingency basis, and there is no risk involved in discussing your case with us. To schedule an initial consultation, call 518-704-4604 or send an email inquiry.