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Sexually Abused As An Adult In New York? Know Your Legal Rights.

Many people have experienced sexual abuse as adults in schools, religious organizations, places of employment, housing facilities for former foster children, and other institutions. Some have been attacked by strangers such as fellow passengers on trains or by people known to them, possibly in date rape situations.

Sometimes, police reports are made and the accused face the criminal justice system. In other cases, the people who have been abused fail to report these acts as crimes for many reasons, such as shame, self-blame or confusion. If this has happened to you, our attorneys at Smalline and Harri are ready to listen and discuss the legal aspects of your case. In particular, we welcome the opportunity to share about relief currently available through the Adult Survivors Act in New York.

Can Someone Who Has Suffered Sexual Abuse Bring A Lawsuit?

Regardless of whether the accused went through criminal proceedings, someone who has been harmed may want to pursue compensation. They may need to pay for medical bills and therapy, replace lost wages and, in general, obtain recognition for the harm done.

Normally, a civil lawsuit must happen within a time limit of a year or two. The Adult Survivors Act has done away with the statutes of limitations through November 2023. At Smalline and Harri in Albany, we advise inquirers at any stage of their journeys of recovery from sexual abuse as adults.

How To Overcome The Statute Of Limitations

As time has passed after the sexual abuse that you endured at age 18 or older, you may have tried to seek justice, only to receive discouraging messages such as the following:

  • “You waited too long to report the wrongdoing.”
  • “You were too old when you were abused to qualify for delayed relief through the Child Survivors Act.”
  • “Your statute of limitations has already passed.”
  • “It’s too late for you to take legal action.”

In fact, however, for one year only, by applying the recently passed Adult Survivors Act through November 2023, you may be able to initiate a civil lawsuit long after experiencing sexual abuse as a young adult or an adult of any age. At Smalline and Harri in Albany, we offer compassionate and effective representation of clients who seek a public accounting for the long-term harm done by sexual abuse.

Our Attorneys Are Here For You, An Adult Survivor Of Sexual Abuse

Let us help you explore options for bringing a lawsuit through the Adult Survivors Act, no matter how much time has passed since you were a target of sexual abuse. At our boutique law firm environment, we offer a caring, respectful approach to ease your burdens as you seek accountability and relief.

As dedicated plaintiffs’ lawyers, we will clearly explain your options available through the Adult Survivors Act. If you decide to work with Smalline and Harri, we are ready to help you assert your rights. To schedule a consultation, call 518-704-4604 or send a message online.

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