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6 kinds of collisions that regularly occur in New York

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Each car crash that occurs in New York is unique, as the speed of the vehicles, the angle at which they approach each other and even the model of the vehicles involved vary. However, there are several types of crashes that occur far more frequently than others.

Those who understand the mechanics of crashes place themselves in a better position to respond appropriately when something unexpected happens in traffic. The six kinds of collisions below are among the most commonplace in New York and throughout the Eastern U.S.

1. Rear-end collisions

One of the most common kinds of crashes involves one driver following too closely and striking the rear of another vehicle. Rear-end collisions can cause serious injury and major damage to both vehicles. In some cases, such as a driver completing an unsafe turn or merging inappropriately, the vehicle in front might actually be to blame for a rear-end collision.

2. T-bone collisions

Many crashes involve a vehicle turning left, which might result in a T-bone collision where the front end of one vehicle hits the side of another vehicle. T-bone collisions can cause catastrophic property damage or even vehicle rollovers. They can easily be the fault of either driver involved.

3. Head-on collisions

In theory, if everyone follows traffic laws, head-on collisions should never occur. They involve two vehicles colliding directly, which typically means that at least one of the vehicles is not in the appropriate lane of traffic. The driver who moved out of their lane will likely be the one to blame for a head-on collision.

4. Commercial vehicle collisions

There is an entire category of crashes that involve semi-trucks or 18-wheelers and four-wheeled passenger vehicles. There are jackknife incidents when a trucker loses control of their vehicle and may end up blocking multiple lanes of traffic. There are also tragic underride collisions where passenger vehicles strike commercial vehicles and end up under them.

5. Crashes with smaller vehicles and pedestrians

People in enclosed vehicles often overlook smaller objects in traffic. Large vehicles commonly cause crashes with motorcycles and bicycles. Pedestrians can also end up hit by a vehicle. Such crashes often lead to severe injuries or even death and are frequently the fault of the people in the four-wheeled vehicle.

6. Single-vehicle crashes

There are many reasons why someone might go off the road and end up hitting safety barriers, buildings or trees. Single-vehicle collisions aren’t always as straightforward as they might seem, as they could be the result of someone driving dangerously, making an uninvolved party to blame for the crash.

After any type of collision, those who are involved will typically need to notify law enforcement and potentially file an insurance claim and/or lawsuit. Understanding the types of serious car crashes that frequently occur in New York can help drivers keep themselves a bit safer on the road and to respond to any crashes that do occur more effectively.