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3 common injuries associated with boating accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

New York has an abundance of water access points. In addition to the Atlantic Ocean to the east, there are countless landlocked lakes and rivers that provide an opportunity for recreation. Getting out on a boat during the summer months can be a profound source of joy for many people. There is something very freeing about being able to travel anywhere as opposed to driving in a restricted lane and abiding by speed limits. 

Unfortunately, the pleasure and excitement of boating can sometimes lead people to make less-than-intelligent decisions about their personal safety. People may boat while drunk or distract themselves and end up colliding with swimmers or other vessels. 

Those hurt in boating incidents will often require emergency medical care. What are some of the most common injuries associated with boating accidents?

1. Whiplash

When people think of whiplash, which is an injury to the neck and shoulders caused by abrupt motion, they often picture rear-end car crashes. However, in a boating collision, someone thrown from a vessel will hit the water with extreme force and could very well end up with a soft tissue injury as a result. 

2. Brain injuries

There are multiple ways that someone could end up with a brain injury while out on a boat. One would involve getting thrown from the vessel or experiencing blunt-force trauma during a collision. Another would involve a near-drowning incident. A loss of oxygen for an extended amount of time could result in damage to the brain that will affect someone’s motor function, cognition and personality.

3. Lower back injuries

There’s very little cover on the average small boat, and people are very vulnerable in a boating accident to falls, which can easily lead to back injuries. Additionally, collisions on boats tend to occur when people are standing upright, which can lead to severe injury to their lower back because their upper body moves so rapidly. 

Those who get hurt in a boating incident typically have some ability to recover their losses. A personal injury claim is often possible when a person or business caused the boating incident through negligence or bad behavior. If you’ve been injured in a boating accident and you suspect that negligence played a part, it may be time to seek legal guidance.