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Pickup truck and SUV drivers often can’t see pedestrians

On Behalf of | May 3, 2024 | Truck Accidents

As a pedestrian, if you’re ever around an oversized pickup truck or SUV, be very wary. You must know that this vehicle poses a significant threat to you in particular, as large trucks are often involved in serious pedestrian accidents. A big part of the problem is that the drivers just cannot see those pedestrians at all.

This is especially an issue with children, as you would expect. In one study, children were asked to sit on the ground in front of an SUV. The driver could not see the children and had no idea where they were until there were 13 children in a line

So this isn’t a minor issue where a driver may overlook a passing pedestrian here and there. It’s very clear that these trucks and SUVs have large blind spots and ineffective sight lines that make it much harder for drivers to operate their vehicles safely.

Issues at a crosswalk

One way that this can lead to accidents is if there are pedestrians in the crosswalk. For instance, a pickup truck driver may be waiting to make a right turn. Meanwhile, someone in the crosswalk has the crossing symbol and legally begins to walk across the road that the truck is turning onto. 

But since the pedestrian is standing right next to the vehicle, the driver may not have any idea and will assume that the crosswalk is clear. They look for cross traffic and then make the right turn, striking the pedestrian. 

Large vehicles can also be an issue in driveways and parking lots. Many accidents happen when drivers are backing up. Even at low speeds, the lack of visibility is very dangerous. Those who have been injured or who have lost loved ones need to know how to seek financial compensation.