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6 questions to ask when in an auto accident

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The average person will likely only be in a few car accidents during their lifetime — which means that they’re usually largely unprepared to handle the aftermath since it isn’t something they have to do very often.

It can help you to know what you should do if you are in a collision. The best place to start, after a wreck, is by asking the following questions:

1. Is anyone hurt?

You may want to check whether you or any passengers suffered any injuries in the accident. If someone appears severely hurt, then it may be paramount to call 911 and keep them still until paramedics arrive. 

2. Where did the accident happen?

Many car accidents happen in the middle of traffic. As a result, other cars may be involved in the accident. If possible, you may need to see if the car can move to the side of the road or out of traffic. This can help prevent any further collisions. (Do not move anything, however, if someone is injured.)

3. Should you call the police?

You should call the police after the accident. The police will arrive at the scene to make a report. If the police are not called and someone dies in the accident, then there could be severe repercussions, such as fines and incarceration. 

4. Who is the other driver?

While waiting for the police, you may want to get information from the other driver. You should try to get the full name and contact information from the driver plus their insurance and policy number. This may be useful for you and your insurance company.

5. Should I get examined by the paramedics? 

The paramedics should arrive at the scene of the accident. You should consider getting an examination even if you do not feel harmed. Many people suffer from hidden injuries in accidents that require medical attention later on. A medical report may be necessary so that a driver can get medical coverage. 

6. Can pictures of the accident help?

While not always necessary, you could take pictures of the accident. Your insurance company may need pictures of the damage done to all vehicles and any injuries you suffered. 

You can’t always predict what will happen in a car accident. But, learning what to do in an accident and what your legal options are can help you recover from your losses, damages and injuries.