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Do not settle for less than you deserve after a car crash

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2024 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Some car accident victims are quick to accept an initial settlement offer, even if it’s insufficient to cover their damages. This reaction could be due to financial strain, time and stress, uncertainty about the settlement process and even a lack of information about how things work. However, it’s generally ill-advised.

Settling for less than you deserve can open you up to financial instability in the long run, especially when the effects of your injuries catch up to you. Remember, you cannot reopen your claim seeking additional compensation once it’s settled. If your condition worsens, you will have to make do without financial support from the negligent party, as you’ve already accepted a settlement.

Additionally, some of the damages you are entitled to may not be covered by a lowball offer. Look beyond medical bills and lost income. Will your injuries affect your earning capacity or quality of life? Did you endure emotional anguish, pain and suffering? You deserve compensation for all the harm and losses arising from a crash caused by another’s wrongdoing.

You do not have to accept a low settlement offer

It’s worth noting that most car accident claims do not go to court. Instead, they are settled through negotiations with insurers. You can rightfully reject a settlement offer that does not measure up to your damages or expectations. It does not mean giving up compensation. Doing so will take negotiations back to the drawing board, and you could get an improved offer.

Seeking legal guidance on what you can do to present a strong claim can go a long way in getting the most out of the settlement negotiations. It can also help you understand your rights and options if an insurer plays hardball.